Sunday, October 14, 2012

Homecoming Dance, 2012

 We had a house full of homecoming princesses and a prince :) this afternoon getting ready for the Cartoon-themed Homecoming Dance that took place tonight in the quad at Poly.  I had the most fun doing Betsy's hair for her - it turned out great, don't you think????  She's representing the Young Republicans Club.  Go Betsy!!!!
 Mickey and Minnie (Grahme and Julianne) are representing the Young Progressives Club and Emily (who is Jerry- Tom is meeting her at the dance) is representing GSA- 
 I must say I am really impressed with Emily's ears.
 These two were going for a Rock-a-billy Minnie and Mickey look.
 I definitely think they pulled it off.
Go have fun!  Love you too!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

We took her to see it, and now she's IN IT

So of course, we are taking all of the credit....
Emma is starring as the best orphan in Brea's production of Oliver this summer! 
She is in the fourth row from the left, third kid in- tiny little blonde-
isn't she brilliant???
It was almost more entertaining to watch Phil watch Emma-
 his expressions were priceless- 
he was so amazed and proud of this little girl!
You rocked it Em!
This is a picture from 2009 when we took Emma and her cousin Aislynn to see the production of Oliver that Kayla was in- good times!
We had no idea that taking her to see this play would lead to ALL OF THIS!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Camp Pitchford

SO EXCITED!  Getting ready for the kids to come- sleeping bags, blankets- wood for the fire- stuff for S'mores- I thought I'd try this recipe too- 
frozen peanut butter chocolate banana bites- they were good!!!!!
(hint- if you make these- you have to eat them the day you freeze them- if you wait til the next day- they turn into little brown, slimy pieces of banana toxic waste- fyi)
First thing campers need to learn how to do is pitch a tent- let's say they were
 just a little excited...
They did a good job and helped really well!
It was definitely a team effort and they COULD NOT WAIT to go inside!
In the meantime, I got stuff ready for dinner, 
lots of healthy fruits and veggies, and hot dogs on the grill
Picnic time
Eric loved the tent
Lots of swimming after dinner- it was 100 degrees today!
Silly sisters

Twyla and I enjoyed adult beverages- oh yeah
And then when the sun went down, it was S'more time-
I cannot tell you how many S'mores these kids ate-
made my tummy hurt just watching them
Why do I have so many pictures of Seven eating?
 Now, that's a fire!
This was Phil showing them proper marshmallow roasting techiniques
And then.... we got in the tent around 11:30 or so- told ridiculous stories,
got drinks, went to the bathroom, wiggled A LOT and at some point in the
night, fell asleep.
Success!  They all stayed in the tent for the whole night!
Snoozing Heaven
Good morning, Campers!
Time to make breakfast
Heaven and Julianne were on pancakes
Eric helped set the table.
Pancakes, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, juice and LOTS OF COFFEE for me.
Camp Pitchford was a great success!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beachin' It Up

 I took Heaven, Selena, Seven, Larissa, Julianne and her friend Grahme to Huntington Beach today. I packed a ton of food and brought a bunch of sunscreen and was ready for a great day.

Larissa was a little worried about- well, just about everything, when we got there.  
She hadn't been to the beach in a long time.  She thought looking for pretty shells was kinda cool though.  Getting in the water, though- not so much.
 Her sister on the other hand was ready to get into the ocean the minute we arrived.
So were her brothers.  I brought two boogie boards along and man, were they the hit of the day.
Seven got the hang of it right away.
 And so did Heaven- he was lovin' the big waves.
 And although Larissa continued to be a little bit negative, she at least started to touch more stuff.
Like the DISGUSTING seaweed.
Seashells are cool.
 Julianne and Larissa decide to put toes in.  
Hey.... maybe this is kinda fun after all....
They ended up in together up to their knees jumping up and down and 
laughing and squealing....
 ....while Selena was being a Surfer Girl!
 Heaven took some time out of the ocean to dig some big holes- and to share
the boogie board like a good brother.
 Seven warming up after a long swim.
Larissa deciding to go into the ocean!  There she goes!
 Brothers burying each other in the sand.  Cinnamon donut kids.
 This is Seven.  Naptime.
 Heaven and Selena.
 An old pro by now.
 Lovin' the waves.
 Grahme and Julianne burying Seven.
 And giving him some extra-special - uh....accessories.  Ha Ha!
 Best buds!!!
 What a guy.
Digging Digging Digging
You'll never guess who this is.  Yep!  Larissa out on a boogie board with her sister!  
No more fear!  She did great!  And had a marvelous time.
I absolutely love days like this.
I am very lucky.